Church Membership Software – 3 Tips When Choosing Software

A membership site for your church is a great way to stay in touch with your congregation. The main obstacle you’ll face though is finding the right church membership software. Here are several points to consider when comparing features.

Technical Requirements

Most likely, whoever is going to manage your church membership site will be doing so as a volunteer. You don’t want to tie them down with a complicated program that take a lot of time and effort for them to figure out and run. Because of that, make certain that the membership software you choose is easy to use. It’s best to read feedback from previous users to get a good idea of the level of technical expertise that will be required to use the software.

Vendor Support

No matter what software you choose, there will likely be a point where you hit a snag and will need some expert help. Because of this, you’ll want to avoid software from any company that does not include full, fast and efficient support. Make certain there is a support email or phone number – and contact any vendor you are considering ahead of time if only to see if there is actually a helpful person on the other side.

Number Of Members

Another point worth noting is to make sure the software you choose is suitable for the number of people you are planning on managing. Some programs are designed to handle very large numbers of members and content – and the price is reflected in this. If you have a small congregation and are planning on using your membership site for contacting them occasionally, you probably won’t need full-featured and expensive software.